Warming & Restful Practices for Healing & Rejuvenation

Welcome to The Den.

Here we are in the "exhale" season of the year -- the time of slowing down, curling inward, resting and simplifying.

That's not the only invitation of winter, though.

Yes, sometimes you just need a place to retreat to, a place of safety, rest and nourishment.

And sometimes you need to balance the cold and inertia by building some warmth through movement and heart-based practices.

Enter into The Den where a treasure trove of yoga and ayurveda practices offer small and simple ways to keep your inner flame glowing through winter.

Did we mention your ticket to The Den is free....?

Come into The Den 

Self care this time of year needs to be simple and approachable.

Slipping into The Den will feel like finding the rest, nourishment and community that our ancestors got when they took shelter from the cold.

These simple practices and rituals will help keep you warm, grounded and healthy through winter.

Of course, all bodies and levels of experience are welcome. Come as you are. 

The Winter Den includes:

  • 4 Restful + Restorative Practices
  • 3 Warming + Balancing Practices
  • 2 Guided Meditations
  • Ayurvedic Winter Care Guide and Video with rituals, reflections and recipes
  • Winter Reflection Questions
  • Cozy reading and podcast recs to bring light and warmth

Join us in
the Winter Den

Simple ways to protect your inner flame and cultivate inner and outer warmth in winter.

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I loved the whole shebang. It made me feel a sense of community in dealing with the cold, dark days and the frazzled lead-up to Christmas. The pearls of wisdom are in easily digestible chunks. Thank you for reforming my holidays! ~Shelley

Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.

Your Winter Den Guides 

Jennifer Brilliant

Jennifer offers an opportunity to explore paradox in practice (and winter) with her Soothe and Strengthen practice.  What begins gently with soothing self -massage gradually warms with slow-flow. You'll be guided into your own grounding presence.  

Anita Goa

Anita guides you into a Restorative Yin practice to ground and nourish through the first chakra for inner security/stability -- so important in these chilly days of winter. Connect to your roots and be nourished with your own energy.

Anna Guest-Jelley

Anna's Winter Restorative practice helps balance cozy winter energy with some gently energizing movement. Her Listening Within Meditation invites your awareness to follow the lead of winter and turn inward for nourishment.

Michelle Marlahan

Michelle's practices will help you embrace and balance the qualities of winter. A Heart-Hug Restorative is 15 minutes of self love, and two warming practices bolster immunity and energy levels. With the Winter Care Guide, you'll stay grounded, warm and healthy all season.

Sarah Moody

Sarah shares the deeply rejuvenating practices of Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga to soothe feelings of exhaustion, stress, and uncertainty. With her loving guidance, your system will reset with insight, creativity and authenticity.

Join us in
the Winter Den

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This was such a rare and deep and beautiful experience.
You make the invitation to feel into myself open, warm and safe.