A monthly wellness membership
with Michelle Marlahan

A community where women who want to touch the magic of everyday life can connect with their Inner Wise Woman through yoga, seasonal ritual and soul-care.

Remembership is more than pre-recorded yoga practices.

Your schedule, your routine, your life is topsy-turvy and you're not getting on your mat as often as you'd like, let alone taking time for soulful reflection and feeling connected to the deepest parts of yourself.

This membership will support your well-being on every level:

Gain flexibility, more energy, better digestion and deeper sleep with movement, meditation and breath practices
you can do in your pj's on your own schedule from wherever you are.

Immerse yourself in the Sacred Feminine through seasonal rituals, spiritual lessons and earth-based practices.

Deepen your understanding of yogic philosophy with recommended readings, guided meditations
and lessons from some of my favorite teachers.

Membership includes live virtual classes and special bonuses each month.


"Your teachings are beginning to become part of my bones. I trust my own intuition and experience because of these practices. Thank you."

What's Included In Your Remembership

Foundational Materials

Welcome! I'll show you around the platform where all the materials live. It's easy to navigate and you can access and download the audios and pdf handouts and view the videos with a few clicks. 

Movement Practices

Get instant access to a library of practices organized by length (20-90 minutes) and level (gentle-active). Everything from bedtime yoga to core strengthening to flow! New classes added every month.

Breath Practices

The breath is a direct gateway to the nervous system and the fastest way to balance a rambunctious mind. We will breathe together to soothe and regulate, creating balance and ease. 


We've all heard how good meditation is for us. An easy way to start is with guided meditation -- let's do it together. These meditations are simple and won't make you feel like you're terrible at it.

Ayurvedic Basics

Simple health tips for every season. Ayurveda is a Tibetean system of health that uses the wisdom of nature and the elements to help us stay in balance through food and body practices.

Yoga and Life Philosophy 

Some of my favorite yoga teachings that help bring the wisdom of yoga into your everyday life. I share some of my favorite books, podcasts and articles. Yoga is not a class, it's a lifestyle.


"The class I did today was lovely, luscious and I want to thank you for reminding us to love ourselves and make things easier."


Seasonal Rituals

Deepen your connection to seasonal thresholds through special ceremonies, workbooks, spiritual lessons and earth based practices.

Live Virtual Classes

Four live virtual classes every month included with Remembership. Let's be together for real-time connection. Bring your questions and requests!

Supportive Community

Join the encouraging community within our membership platform and connect with others who are creating their wellness practice.

Yoga is about relationship.
Even when we are in different places as we practice, I'll be with you every step of the way.

If you have any questions about whether Remembership is right for you,

contact me through the button below.

Hi, I'm Michelle.


I’m a lover of story and myth, poetry and metaphor. I like to cleanse my energy with fresh geranium. My altars are alive with symbols, gems and treasures. I could make a profession out of studying herbs. The moon is my friend, and we talk.

In other words, I love me some woo-woo.

Yet, I’m not going to tell you that crystals will fix everything or your chakras are out of alignment. Not that I don’t work with both crystals and chakras. But I won’t diagnose you, nor will I try to “fix” you.


The magic of moving the body and softening tension; getting good sleep and eating good food. The magic of seeing and being seen in all our vulnerabilities and strengths.

So bring your woo. You’re now part of the companionship of the Wholehearted inner circle where people will get you, respect your process and let you be exactly you.